Navigating the Rebate Landscape: How to Save on Residential Heat Pump Installations in Auckland and Wellington

Fonko is always keen to help homeowners save on costs, so we thought we’d discuss potential rebates. For example, the EECA grants up to 80% of eligible homeowners’ costs under the Warmer Kiwi Homes scheme. Introduction to the Warmer Kiwi Homes Scheme The EECA’s Warmer Kiwi Homes Scheme was established to enhance home comfort, health, and energy efficiency throughout New Zealand. Studies show that Kiwi homes are either too cold or too hot, leading to various health issues, especially respiratory conditions. To improve health outcomes, the scheme covers up to 80% of the cost for approved heaters, including energy-efficient heat pumps, for eligible clients in New Zealand. Eligibility Criteria and … Read More

Installation Excellence: The Importance of Professional Residential Heat Pump Installation in Auckland and Wellington

When it comes to residential heat pumps, even the best brands won’t perform at their peak if installed improperly. If the installation process is flawed, investing in premium heat pumps from manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Panasonic is a waste of your money. A heat pump is only as good as its installation, and in this post, we look at the reasons why. The Significance of a Well-Executed Installation Installing a residential heat pump is more than just connecting wires and placing units. It is the foundation upon which the appliance’s performance and efficiency stand. Proper installation ensures the heat pump operates at its full potential, delivering the comfort and … Read More

Maximising Energy Efficiency: Fonko’s Tips for a Cool Home without Breaking the Bank

Another New Zealand summer is here and the concern over rising heat pump running costs becomes a prevalent issue for many households and businesses alike. Fonko, New Zealand’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration specialist, steps into the spotlight, offering a beacon of expertise in providing solutions that seamlessly balance comfort with energy efficiency. In this article, we delve into the benefits of upgrading to Fonko’s Fujitsu and Mitsubishi heat pump systems, exploring how they enhance cooling efficiency, save energy, and keep you comfortable throughout the summer months. Key Tips for Heat Pump Efficiency To navigate the intricate landscape of heat pump efficiency, Fonko recommends a proactive approach, starting with … Read More

The Benefits of Upgrading to Fonko’s Latest Heat Pump Technology

As the blazing summer sun approaches, it’s time to reassess the efficiency of your current heat pump system. As a leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration specialist in New Zealand, we present a groundbreaking upgrade featuring the latest Fujitsu and Mitsubishi heat pump technologies. In this article, we’ll delve into the myriad benefits of replacing outdated units with Fonko’s cutting-edge offerings, focusing on energy efficiency, advanced features, and overall improved performance. Timing is Crucial: Heat Pump Replacement Before Summer As the summer heat intensifies, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency becomes paramount. Fonko recommends contemplating a heat pump replacement in the lead-up to summer, enabling homeowners and businesses to stay ahead of … Read More

Fonko’s Emergency Response: Dealing with Heat Pump Failures During Summer

In the blistering heat of a New Zealand summer, the reliance on air conditioning, particularly heat pumps, is undeniable. Despite their efficiency, these systems are susceptible to unexpected breakdowns, emphasising the need for prompt heat pump repair and maintenance services. This article aims to illuminate the vulnerabilities of heat pumps during the summer season and underscore the crucial role of a reliable heat pump technician, with Fonko emerging as the leading specialist in heat pump repair and maintenance in New Zealand. Common Issues and Warning Signs Recognising common issues that heat pumps may encounter is crucial for averting potential crises. From insufficient cooling to strange noises, these problems often manifest … Read More

The Advantages of Inverter Heat Pumps

When it comes to heating and cooling solutions, the fixed-speed heat pump was once the go-to choice. Efficient in its own right, it got the job done. However, technology in the world of heat pumps has taken a significant leap forward, and the shining example of this progress is the inverter heat pump. Inverter technology is revolutionising the industry, optimising energy efficiency and bringing down power bills. Understanding Fixed-Speed Heat Pumps Fixed-speed heat pumps operate on a straightforward principle. They have a single fixed-speed compressor motor that is either on or off. When the desired temperature is reached, the fixed-speed device turns off, and when the temperature drops, it turns … Read More

Just How Good Are Fujitsu Heat Pumps?

It can be challenging to determine the best fit for your needs when it comes to heat pumps. However, when considering the amalgamation of top-tier qualities, Fujitsu stands out as one of the brands that brings together excellence in one comprehensive unit. Here’s why choosing a Fujitsu heat pump, especially with Fonko as an accredited installer, is a decision that ensures optimal performance and longevity. Accredited Installers for Precision Fit: Fujitsu‘s commitment to precision begins with its stringent accreditation programme for installers. This ensures that each heat pump is expertly tailored to suit your home’s specific requirements. Fonko guarantees an installation that goes beyond mere placement – it ensures the … Read More

The Importance of Professional Heat Pump Cleaning

Ensuring your heat pump operates efficiently throughout the year is vital for maintaining a comfortable home environment. While routine cleaning is part of the process, attempting it yourself may pose risks. Here’s a breakdown of how technicians handle the cleaning process and why DIY efforts could lead to costly consequences. Safety First: Prioritising a Secure Work Environment When it comes to electrical appliances like heat pumps, safety is paramount. Technicians kick off the cleaning process by disconnecting electrical power and creating a secure workspace. Without the necessary experience, meddling with electrical components can be hazardous, making it a task best left to the professionals. Delicate Filter Handling: Fragility Demands Specialised … Read More

Tailored Solutions for Commercial Air Conditioning by Fonko

In the dynamic landscape of commercial buildings, one size certainly does not fit all, especially when it comes to air conditioning. Recognising the unique requirements of each commercial space, Fonko takes pride in crafting bespoke air conditioning systems that seamlessly align with your needs and building specifications. Forget about generic, off-the-shelf solutions – at Fonko, we understand that a true solution caters specifically to your air conditioning demands, and we’re committed to delivering nothing less.   Industry-Leading Expertise in Auckland Fonko stands as a stalwart in the realm of commercial air conditioning in Auckland. Our reputation is built on successfully undertaking some of the city’s most substantial air conditioning projects. … Read More

The Benefits of R32 Refrigerant in Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Considering investing in a new Mitsubishi heat pump? There’s one crucial element you might not have given much thought to – the R32 refrigerant. This refrigerant has stirred excitement among heat pump specialists, and here’s why it should capture your attention as well. The impact of R32 extends beyond your immediate comfort, reaching into environmental sustainability and optimising your heat pump’s performance. The Heart of Heat Transfer The exterior unit of your heat pump absorbs heat from the cold air outside and transfers it into your home, ensuring a warm and cosy environment (and can reverse this process in summer to cool your home). The linchpin in this process is … Read More

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