What are the features of a cold room?

A range of companies and businesses do benefit from having cold room storage on-site, and many more would benefit from installing a cold storage facility. The reasons for use range from perishable products such as food and drink to pharmaceuticals, and are used in hospitality, catering companies and florists. So what exactly do we mean by this and is there a difference between a cold room and cold storage?


What is the Difference Between a Cold Room and Cold Storage?

These two terms are much of the same. Whether it is a cold room or cold storage, they both mean and do the same thing. One could argue cold storage is a term for a larger version of a cold room, but there is no difference between the two. So that brings us to our next question; what is a cold room/cold store?


What is a Cold Room?

A cold room, or cold store, is a refrigerated room in which to store products in an artificially generated temperature, set to the particular celsius you require. They can be located indoors or outdoors, and require good ventilation. Commonly, a refrigerant is used to absorb warmth and transfer it out to achieve a cold temperature inside the room. 


How Can Fonko Help?

We are a leader in catering to all types of commercial cold storage or refrigerated warehouse needs, whether you are searching for a cold room or freezer room on your property. We treat each client individually to ensure they receive the best possible system for their use, based on their precise requirements. Well-designed, and maintained cold storage rooms contribute significantly to efficient working and business success if utilised well. They preserve perishable goods and minimise wasted produce and energy consumption.


With years of experience and expertise behind us, you can count on the team at Fonko to plan, design and execute a cold storage plan for your commercial enterprise that will provide long-lasting solutions to your current and future needs.


To find out more about possible solutions and enquire about a cold storage room for your business, get in touch with us today.

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