Heat pumps in summer vs winter

A heat pump is a versatile piece of technology that can make a difference to your home no matter what time of year or time of day. They can heat your home in the colder months and cool your home in the warmer months. Here’s how:

Warming your home

Heat pumps work to transfer heat from one place to another. In winter, the heat pump absorbs heat from the outdoor air and brings it inside to warm your home. Despite winter air being cold, there is always heat to be salvaged and this is used by the system to blow hot air into your home, raising the temperature of your room.

Cooling your home

In summer, this system works the opposite way. A reverse cycle gathers heat from the inside air and transports it outside. This generates a cooling effect by moving heat outside and returning cooled air via a refrigerant to the home. The heat pump’s fans blow air over refrigerant-filled coils, thus cooling your home effectively.

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems. This is because they transmit hot and cold air rather than produce it. While this helps them operate at a lower cost than other solutions, operating costs fluctuate season to season. In winter, the use of a heat pump and therefore energy consumption can increase, and if you are in sweltering heat in summer, you may also face an increase in operating costs. Reducing these operating costs means using the heat pump most efficiently and economically, such as:

  • Keeping your heat pump setting consistent. Setting your heat pump to maximum or minimum temperatures makes it work harder and costs more
  • Cleaning your indoor and outdoor heat pump filter regularly to optimise its efficiency
  • Keeping the outdoor unit clear of dust and dirt with an annual service
  • Turning your heat pump off when not in use and using the timer function
  • Closing doors and windows when the system is in use

The key is to have the right size and type of equipment for your space. If your heat pump is too small, it will use more energy to heat or cool the space. The size and type of heat pump you need depends on the level of insulation, the number of windows and the climate. To find out the best system for you, contact us at Fonko today.

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