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Experience year-round comfort with Ducted Air Conditioning from Fonko

Create the perfect indoor climate at the touch of a button. With Fonko, enjoy a home so comfortable, you’ll never want to leave. With easy-to-use controls and consistent air distribution, you’ll create an environment that feels just right – every day of the year.

Our ducting systems function by distributing heated or cooled air discreetly throughout your home via hidden ducting. Suitable for installation in both new and existing homes, the air conditioning unit itself is positioned within your roof cavity and connected to each room through concealed ductwork. One or more subtle vents allow air to flow into each room, ensuring your desired ambient temperature is maintained.

Experience the Perfect Home Comfort

Enjoy year-round comfort at your fingertips. With Fonko’s Ducted Air Conditioning, you can effortlessly create an ideal interior temperature that’s both energy-efficient and perfect for you. Experience the luxury of a more alluring home.

Personalised Comfort in Every Room

With Fonko’s Ducted Air Conditioning, individual rooms in your home can have their own set temperature with our zoned system. Enjoy the freedom of customising your comfort on a room-by-room basis at the touch of a button. Experience a new level of personalised comfort.

Experience Comfort in Style

Maintain the aesthetic integrity of your home without compromising on comfort. Ducted Air Conditioning units from Fonko are discreetly installed within your roof cavity, offering you a seamless and stylish solution that maintains efficient temperature control without affecting your style.



Things to consider while choosing a ducted heat pump system

Engineered to minimise energy consumption, the system automatically reduces its power usage and output once the preset operation level is achieved, ultimately leading to reduced energy bills. The wall controller empowers you to set your preferred temperature and choose from various operational modes, including an energy-saving option. Additionally, you can establish system timers to schedule automatic start and stop times based on your preferences.

Operating each wall controller is user-friendly. The left side features an LCD display for setting system timers, while the right side facilitates the operation of the ducted system itself. A convenient green LED light indicates whether the unit is turned on or off. Engineered as the ultimate solution for home heating and cooling, a Fonko ducted air conditioning system offers homeowners an array of additional advantages.

  • User-Friendly: You can operate your ducted system effortlessly with a single button press or utilise the timer function for added convenience.
  • Quiet Operation: Exceptionally quiet, a ducted system generates minimal noise compared to split system heat pumps.
  • Even Air Distribution: Enjoy consistent air temperature without drafts, hot spots or cold areas, thanks to the ducted system’s even distribution.
  • Filtered Clean Air: The washable filter in the air grille captures dust and dirt particles, ensuring clean and fresh indoor air.
  • Auto Restart & Memory Backup: In case of a power outage, the unit automatically restarts with the previous settings stored on the wall controller.
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