Ducted Systems in Auckland


Exceptional Comfort All Year Round

Bringing comfort to a new level, our ducted heating and cooling systems help you enjoy the perfect temperature in your home all year round. With the touch of a button, you can create an interior temperature so perfect, you’ll never want to leave home again!

A ducting system, also known as central heating, blows heated or cooled air throughout your home through discreetly installed grill vents. Suitable for installing in both new and existing homes, the air conditioning unit itself is installed within your roof cavity and connected to each room within your home through hidden ducting. One or more subtle grill vents allow air to enter each room, providing you with your perfect ambient temperature.

Energy Efficient Home Temperature Control

With a ducted cooling and heating system, keeping your home at the perfect temperature has never been easier. Designed to limit energy consumption, once a set operation level is reached, it will automatically cut its power consumption and reduce the output produced. End result: lower power bills!

The wall controller allows you to set your own desired temperature, along with other specific operation modes, including an energy saving option. You can also set system timers to automatically start and stop the unit when you wish.

Each wall controller is easy to operate. The left side contains an LCD display, used when setting the system timers. The right side is used to operate the ducted system itself, while the handy green LED light, lets you quickly see if the unit is switched on or off.

Why Choose a Ducted Air Conditioning System for Your Home?

Designed as the ultimate in-home heating and cooling, a Fonko ducted air conditioning system offers the homeowner numerous benefits including:

  • Efficient Energy Usage – you control the rooms you wish to heat or cool, helping you use less electricity and achieve lower power bills.
  • Discretion – carefully positioned ducting vents allow warm or cool air to enter each room in your home discreetly almost invisibly. Each air conditioning unit is installed within your roof cavity, with no bulky heat pump units from inside your home.
  • Flexibility – a zoned system lets you set specific temperatures for each area within your home, perfect for families and individuals with different temperature preferences.
  • Ease of Use – with the touch of a single button, your ducted system can be operated when you need it or with the use of a timer.
  • Quiet – exceptionally quiet, a ducted system creates less noise than a split system heat pump.
  • Even Air Distribution – enjoy an even air temperature, with no draughts, hot spots or cool areas with a ducted system.
  • Filtered Clean Air – as air passes through the air grille, a washable filter traps dust and dirt particles to keep your air clean.
  • Auto Restart & Memory Back-Up – in the event of a power failure, the unit will restart itself to the last settings of the wall controller.
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