Heat Pumps Versus other forms of Heating

Heatpump verses-others


For economy and ease of use Heat pumps are the clear winner. While wood heating is fractionally cheaper one needs to factor in vehicle expenses to collect firewood,  time factor in searching for firewood suppliers, the laborious process of chopping wood, the storage of wood, the labour of constantly feeding a fire,  the cleaning of the wood burner and the potential danger to young children and the risk of fire and finally the need for a building consent to install ( a real hassle) versus simply switching on the heat pump being comfortable and forgetting about it.  Conventional electric heaters are approximately 3 times more expensive to run than a Heap pump and gas heating have negative factors in that it releases harmful gases that can effect those with breathing disorders such as asthma and increases condensation leading to crying windows and mouldy curtains which are expensive to replace.  In terms of healthy air nothing compares to a quality heap pump produced by Mitsubishi or Fujitsu the two leading heap pump brands New Zealand wide.  Please read below and compare the charts and you’ll quickly see why buying a Fonko Heap pump is a smart choice for you and your family.

*Information is approximate and is taken from available resource at time of compiling. Individual manufactures may differ with results.

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