How Heat Pump Dry Mode Can Prevent and Remove Mould

The growth of mould is a concern in many New Zealand properties with our sometimes humid, sometimes wet, climate. It is essential to keep humidity levels under control as mould can lead to a host of health problems. One way to reduce mould is by using the dry mode on your Fonko-installed air conditioning unit. In this blog post, we will discuss how the dry mode can reduce mould growth and improve indoor air quality.


What is Dry Mode?

Dry mode is a function found on most modern air conditioning units. When you activate dry mode, the air conditioner operates similar to a dehumidifier. It removes moisture from the air, reducing humidity levels in your property. Dry mode can be especially helpful in New Zealand’s humid climate or during rainy days when indoor humidity levels tend to be higher.


Can Dry Mode Reduce Mould?

For mould to grow, it requires the right conditions, including moisture, warmth and a source of nutrients. Dry mode can create an environment that is less conducive to mould growth by reducing the indoor humidity levels. When the air conditioning unit is set to dry mode, it pulls moisture out of the air and collects it in the unit’s drainage system. As a result, the air in your home becomes drier, making it harder for mould to grow.


Other Benefits of Dry Mode

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality – By reducing humidity levels, dry mode can also improve indoor air quality. This is because high humidity levels can lead to other allergens, such as dust mites and bacteria.
  2. Lower Energy Costs – Dry mode can help reduce energy costs by reducing the workload of your air conditioning unit. When humidity levels are high, the air conditioning unit has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. By using dry mode to reduce humidity levels, your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work as hard, leading to lower energy bills.
  3. Increased Comfort – High humidity levels can make it feel hot and sticky inside your home. By using dry mode, you can create a more comfortable indoor environment.


Start using dry mode on your air conditioning unit as an effective way to reduce mould growth and improve indoor air quality. By reducing humidity levels, dry mode creates an environment that is less conducive to mould growth, leading to a healthier and more comfortable home. If your air conditioning system is outdated, contact Fonko today to enquire about installing a modern alternative to upgrade your aircon. 

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