How to select the right heat pump for you

A Guide To Selecting The Correct Heat Pump For You

How do you know what makes a good heat pump, who the top industry brands are and where to go to purchase a system and get it expertly installed? Today we are going to explain all in this great guide to choosing a heat pump for your home or commercial property. Heat pumps are a perfect solution to both heating and cooling your property efficiently. One system can do it all to provide a comfortable temperature-controlled environment for all, no matter the season. 


Finding the right company to install your heat pump

As the number one heat pump installer in Auckland and Wellington, we specialise in quality systems for commercial and residential properties. We have the experience, the expertise and the products to match. Allow us to find the solution that your property requires. Get started by booking a free measure and quote via our website to begin your journey towards heat pump installation. 


What brand should I buy?

We provide impartial advice to help you decide which brand and model of heat pump to choose from. Specialising in all the major brands, we stock Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Daikin and Hitachi. These leading brands are reliable and perform well far into the future.


What size unit do I require?

An undersized heat pump won’t be powerful enough to heat or cool a large area and will have to work twice as hard to attempt to. This can lead to early failure due to overworking. An oversized heat pump means you are paying too much for inefficient use. Selecting the right size is essential. We’ll calculate this based on the size of your property, environmental climate and intended use.


Can I have my whole property heated, not just one room?

We provide the solutions for various sized properties. Installing everything from single units to multi- split systems, we are also ducted system specialists. The premium choice of heat pump system for commercial use. Tell us more about your needs and we’ll provide you with solutions.


How do I choose?

To find out the correct size for your space, an accredited consultant from Fonko will assist you. Contact us to find out which system your property requires and we’ll be happy to provide the answers to any questions you may have so you can make an educated and informed decision today.

Our team doesn’t expect you to be an expert, that’s our job. If you want to learn more about heat pump options for your commercial building or residential home, reach out to us for help and support.

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