Spring into Action: The Ideal Time to Install a New Heat Pump

As the winter chill slowly gives way to the gentle warmth of another Kiwi spring, many New Zealand homeowners find themselves caught in a transition period that makes it challenging to manage their indoor climate. In a country where weather patterns can be unpredictable, spring stands out as the ideal time to install a new heat pump, especially when considering the New Zealand Healthy Homes Standards. Here’s why spring is the right time to invest in a heat pump from Fonko.


Transition Weather

Here in New Zealand, spring is known for its fluctuating temperatures. Mornings can be brisk, while afternoons often turn warm. Installing a heat pump during spring ensures that you’re prepared for the changing climate and the coming summer. You can enjoy the comfort of warm air during the cooler mornings and switch to cooling when the afternoon sun starts to shine. Spring allows you to experience the full versatility of a heat pump which competently heats and cools.


Energy Efficiency

Our quality heat pumps are renowned for their energy-efficient heating and cooling capabilities. Installing one during spring allows you to test the system’s heating function without overburdening it. This ensures that you are ready for the warmer months ahead, where energy efficiency becomes even more critical.


Compliance with Healthy Homes Standards

New Zealand’s Healthy Homes Standards, introduced to improve the quality of rental properties, emphasise the need for proper heating and insulation. Homeowners and landlords must ensure their properties meet these standards and there is no time like the present to comply with them.


Allergy Season Management

For those with allergies, spring can be a challenging season due to the increase in pollen and allergens in the air. Heat pumps equipped with air filtration systems, such as Panasonic’s Nanoe X, can help improve indoor air quality, making it easier to manage allergies. Installing a heat pump during spring allows you to take full advantage of this feature before the allergy season peaks.


Peace of Mind

By installing a heat pump in the spring, you have ample time to test its functions, make any necessary adjustments, and become familiar with its operation. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your home will be comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the year.


Get in touch with Fonko today to find out more about heat pump installation for your property.

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