Wall-Mounted vs Floor-Mounted Heat Pump Units

Auckland and Wellington have somewhat different weather conditions but homes in both cities equally benefit from a quality residential heat pump unit. As heat pump specialists who supply to both, we’ve put together a simple guide to two of the most popular systems. A multifunctional system, heat pumps can filter the air in your home whilst efficiently heating your house in winter and cooling your house in summer. However, it can be difficult to decide on a heat pump unit for your home if you aren’t familiar with the various systems.


Wall vs Floor Mounted Heat Pumps

There are two main options to consider: wall-mounted and floor-mounted units. Both options have their own unique set of pros and cons, and will ultimately depend on your specific needs and preferences. This decision can be made easy by booking a free consultation with our knowledgeable team to seek honest and direct advice.


Wall-Mounted Units

One of the main advantages of wall mounted units is their compact and sleek design. They are typically smaller in size compared to floor-mounted units, making them ideal for smaller homes with limited space. They are also less noticeable and don’t get in the way as they are installed high up on a wall. They can be placed in any room without having to worry about the unit taking up too much space or blocking walkways.


In addition, wall-mounted units can often be more energy efficient. Due to their placement. That means less energy is needed to produce the same amount of heat or cool air as a floor-mounted unit leading to lower energy bills and a more eco-friendly option.


Floor-Mounted Units

Floor-mounted units offer a few distinct advantages of their own. One of the main advantages being that they are easier to install and can be installed almost anywhere as they are in closer proximity to cables and pipes. They are also much easier to access and maintain, with cleaning and replacing filters made easier as they aren’t high up on a wall. This can lead to them lasting longer as they are easier to maintain.


Both wall-mounted and floor-console heat pump units are excellent solutions to temperature control in your home. The ideal system depends on the size of your home, your requirements and your preferences. To help make the correct decision and get a suitable heat pump to benefit your family, get in touch with the team at Fonko today and find out more about residential heat pump solutions and how to upgrade your home with a newly installed system.

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