Heat Pump Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your System This Winter And Beyond

Now that you have a heat pump installed in your Wellington home, you’re probably looking forward to enjoying its warmth this winter. These 3 tips will help you get the best out of your system as winter approaches and the years to follow.

Familiarise Yourself With Its Features 

Heat pumps today are manufactured to maximise efficiency and minimise energy consumption. Get to know the features of your heat pump and you’ll learn that there are ways to get the best out of it.

Try out the different settings and figure out what works best for your home. For example, the auto mode can cost more in energy consumption, because it changes from heating to cooling to maintain temperature equilibrium. While this mode is comfortable, the consistent changing between temperatures is not ideal for efficiency. Read the manuals!

Don’t Run The System 24/7 

Heat pump efficiency goes hand-in-hand with adequate insulation. The insulation in your home should retain the warmth that your heat pump provides. Also, make sure any draft spots are sealed up including doors, windows etc,

Leaving your unit running continuously will cause it to fail prematurely, so make sure that your home is well sealed up and use your heat pump wisely, and efficiently.

Clean The Filters Regularly 

As the air circulates through your heat pump, the air filter catches dust, microscopic debris and fine hairs to ensure better air quality. However, once your air filters get clogged up with all this dust and dirt, they need to be cleaned out. A heat pump with blocked air filters will strain to function properly, which means that you’ll spend more money on running costs and risk causing permanent damage to your unit. If you want to save on money and get the best out of your heat pump, make sure that your air filters are kept clean.


Getting the best out of your heat pump is possible if you follow these tips. Installing a heat pump in your home is an investment and using the system correctly and in the right environment makes all the difference saving you money while keeping your home at the ideal temperature.

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