Types of Heat Pumps

Split Systems

Nearly all heat pumps are split systems – that means they have an outdoor unit – which contains the compressor, and a discreet indoor unit that contains the fan that circulates the warm air (or cool air in the summer). These units are designed to be discreet both in appearance and operation. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, which is the busy part. The indoor unit simply has a fan to circulate the warm or cold air as required. Choose the indoor type and model that suits you best, as follows:


Hi-Wall Splits

The most popular models. These slim, elegant and whisper quiet indoor units can be mounted unobtrusively on a wall. They all offer advanced technology, including remote control, reverse cycle, sleep and digital timer, and moisture removal, and filtration systems for a healthier environment. Some offer additional features – check the brochures on this site to choose the features that you want.


Compact Cassettes

The most discreet option, with only the grill showing in the ceiling. They provide heating and cooling in a full range of capacities. Latest fan technology distributes conditioned air through 3 or 4 sides, with adjustable directional louvres. The Fujitsu compact cassette is unobtrusive, yet efficient and very effective. Features include 3 or 4 way air distribution, brilliant airflow to reach the whole room, built-in timers, remote control and optional wired (wall) controllers.


Floor Standing

Floor standing, these units look like a conventional gas or night storage heater. They are lightweight and ultra slim, and offer a full range of capacities, offering quiet, but powerful operation. They are fully featured, including superb air purifying filters. Check our exclusive Compact Floor Console, they are brilliant models.


Ducted Systems

These are the ultimate in central heating, and are designed to heat (or cool in Summer) your whole home. The compressor unit can be stored outside, or in your roof space. There is a large range of models to match many home types, including the Fujitsu Sleep PumpĀ® – which is a low cost option to heat and cool up to 3 or 4 small rooms especially bedrooms. The warm (or cool) air is distributed via insulated ducting connected from the indoor unit to ceiling or floor diffuser grills. Ducting is the ultimate invisible solution for year round comfort, which adds luxurious comfort as well as value to your home.

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